Digital Inclusion

We know that much of life requires access to the internet but that this is not a privilege that all people enjoy.

We are now the proud owners of a public computer room, supported by Gloucestershire County Council and IT for Africa. We have two computers that can be either booked or used on a casual basis when the café is running. We also have printers available on a “pay as you can” basis.

Sometimes, just being able to check your email or buy something online is useful. But some times, being able to apply for benefits online is vital. So although some days you could just use the computers, on other days we do have people who could help you make your applications or learn how to navigate the internet.

You can book the computers using this page, by phoning us or by calling into the centre

Terms and Conditions

Getting Started

Here are some basic resources to get you started:

BBC First Click Beginners Guide

BBC WebWise