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Board of Directors

Paganhill Community Group CIC’s Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of the company. The Directors are Jaqui Smith (Chair), Sally-Anne Wherry, and Haydn Sutton. Scroll down to read more about them.

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Company Documents

The Paganhill Community Group Community Interest Company files records at Companies House here.

The Paganhill Community Group CIC’s policies are here.

The board of directors has regular meetings, inviting any interested members of the community. Notes from those meetings can be found here.

Jaqui Smith, Chair of the Paganhill Community Group CIC Board

I have lived in Paganhill for 8 years. I retired in 2012 but felt I wanted to work or do something worthwhile. My son had a motorbike accident in 2004 and since then we have experienced the many changes to the benefit system and the unknown outcomes of applying which can add to anxiety and other mental health issues. The long journey back to health has still left him with a disability which has to be managed. Getting the right help and information was key but even though I had previously worked for organisations in the voluntary sector, things had changed and I was starting again to build my knowledge of this area. This made me think that there must be others in the same boat, so for me, at the heart of the Community Group we started, is the importance of introducing people to organisations that can help. I talked to local people to see what they wanted. In 2017 I got together with a few people in Paganhill who wanted to create an area that is a good, safe place to live. I had lived in a few places around this area but experienced how friendly people were in Paganhill and so we are building on this strength to create a community that cares for each other and helps each other.

Sally-Anne Wherry

I’m a lecturer in nursing and have lived in Paganhill for a long time, on and off. I have become increasingly aware of the needs of the people living here and the social injustices and inequalities that they experience. I’ve come from a place where we struggled to make ends meet before I had the privilege of going to university and becoming a nurse. I feel strongly that I should be using that experience and my skills to help others improve their situations, and strengthen the community we live in.

Haydn Sutton

I have lived in Stroud for many years and represent the Farmhill and Paganhill Ward as a councillor on Stroud Town Council and Stroud District Council.